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Understanding Your Google My Business Profile Status
Understanding Your Google My Business Profile Status

Links to Google resources for understanding and troubleshooting different Google My Business page statuses

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If your Google My Business page gets disconnected from GoSite, it can be because of a status change in your Google My Business page. In order to ensure that your Google My Business profile is properly verified, published, and live for all to see, you will need to understand the different statuses that can be applied to it.

You can check the status of your Google My Business page by logging in to your Google account or using Google's verification tool.

Below is a list of the different Google My Business statuses, what they mean, and what action (if any) needs to be taken:


  • If your profile reads "Suspended," this means your profile has violated at least one of Google's policies. This typically means your profile cannot be accessed or viewed by the public.

  • Note: Google will NOT tell you why your profile was suspended.

  • To fix this status and reinstate your business location, follow these instructions:

Pending Verification

  • If your profile is "Pending Verification", this means the verification process has begun, but hasn't been completed.

  • You will need to enter the verification PIN sent via postcard in the mail.

  • Once the PIN has been entered and verified, your status will change to "Published" or "Verified."

Pending Review


  • Your profile has been successfully verified, but the listing is not yet published. Publishing often takes about 3 business days.

  • If your profile is in this status for longer than 3 business days there may be a "bug" on Google's end.

  • Contact Google Support. They may manually verify your profile, escalate to a specialist, request additional verification proof, or offer video verification.


For all details and support regarding the different Google My Business profile statuses check out Google's Understand your Business Profile status article or contact Google Support.

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