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Wisetack Consumer Financing - Your Customer's Experience
Wisetack Consumer Financing - Your Customer's Experience

How your customers apply for financing.

Written by Kaustubh Vongole
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Note: You must apply to use this feature. Please see our help article here to find out how to sign up.


Once you have been approved by Wisetack, your customers will automatically be able to apply for financing on estimates and invoices between $500 and $25,000.



By clicking “See Monthly Payment Options” they can begin the financing process.

Financing Process

  1. Once your customer clicks on “See Monthly Payment Options” they will be taken to the Wisetack page to start their application and create an account.

  2. Your customers will then be prompted to fill out some personal information so Wisetack can determine their eligibility.

  3. Once your customer chooses an offer they can accept it straight away.

  4. Finally, your customer will be prompted to release payment once work is complete.

    Note: They don’t have to do this immediately and can come back later to indicate work was completed.


Both yourself and your customer will receive communication from Wisetack and GoSite when:

  1. Financing is approved.

  2. A financing offer was signed.

  3. Payment is released.

In addition you can log in to the GoSite dashboard on the web to see the financing status of your Invoices and Estimates.



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