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What is Advanced Placement?
What is Advanced Placement?

An overview of how you can improve your online presence with GoSite’s Placement Tool.

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GoSite Placement is a powerful tool for managing your business listings across major online directories. It lets you manage your Google Business and Facebook Business profiles.

GoSite's Advanced Placement unlocks even more directory listings for stronger local SEO and a more powerful online presence.

Manage business listings, post content directly to GMB & Facebook, and create a Q&A section for the GMB page— all that and more using your GoSite dashboard.

What Is Advanced Placement Tool & Why Do You Need It?

  • GoSite’s partnership with Uberall means your business can leverage an easy-to-use listing and online reputation management solution. Improve your location visibility on search engines, directories, review sites, mobile apps and more — and gain control over your local market. It’s a powerful centralized platform for boosting local SEO and growing your customer base.

    Use GoSite's Advanced Placement tool to organize all of the necessary business information to get you found on up to 60+ search engines and directories, all at once.

  • Control the categories you're searched in. Correct listings make your online listings more effective. In GoSite, you can select as many relevant services as you’d like. You can update your Categories under Manage My Business > Primary Category and Secondary Categories.

    Just remember that you can only be listed for one primary category, which corresponds to the main product or service that you provide.

  • Keep business information, photos, & logos consistent across multiple directories. Ensure that your business branding and details are accurate in various business profiles. Instantly place and take control of the logo and photos of your business across the web.

  • Enhance your local SEO. Make the most of your Advanced Placement by collecting reviews, posting on your listings, and uploading photos. You can upload your photos through Manage My Business under Media and it will be posted across all directories.

    Over time, the search engine's algorithm will notice your activities. This means more chances of being found across all devices and channels including search, social, mobile, voice, GPS, tablets, and hundreds of other devices and platforms.

  • Dashboard View - Easily access all your live listings across directories, in real-time through your GoSite dashboard. When you go to your Placement tool, you can easily access all your live listings across directories, in real-time through your GoSite dashboard.

Get started with your Advanced Placement tool and grow your business across the web:

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