When you sign up with GoSite your account comes with an auto-generated phone number that allows you to start texting from GoSite right away. When you send a message or review request by text from GoSite, the message will come from this auto-generated number.

If the recipient sends a reply to your text message or review request by text you will receive their message in the Messenger tool. Once your business phone number is verified with GoSite, calls to your auto-generated number will be forwarded to your business line.

Note: For steps on how to verify and change your business phone number, check out Verifying and Updating Your Business Phone Number.

This article will show you how to view your auto-generated phone number from your GoSite computer dashboard.

Viewing your auto-generated phone number from a computer

  1. Log in to GoSite on your computer.

  2. Open "Messenger."

  3. Your auto-generated phone number is located in the top right corner next to the "Send Message" button.

    When you send text messages from GoSite they will be received from this number.

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