Creating a Domain-Based Email Address with Google

Learn how to get your own personalized company email with Google

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Domain-based emails use a custom domain name as the email address (ex: [email protected]). A domain-based email helps with the branding of your company, allows customers to easily remember your email so they can contact you, and separates your personal emails from your business emails. Keep reading to learn how to create a domain-based email using Google!

Note: There are other domain-based email providers to choose from. For example, if you already have a website domain name, you can contact your domain provider to ask about domain-based email creation.

The following steps will provide instructions and links to relevant Google articles to help you create your own domain-based emails:

  1. Set up a Google Workspace for your business through

  2. Ensure you have access to your domain and your domain settings. If you own your domain in a Google Domains account, it should look something like the screenshot below.

  3. Next, navigate to the Quick Start Guides to Google Workspace and click on "Quick Start guide" under the description that best fits the size of your business.

  4. After choosing the quick start guide that suits your business the best, you will see all the steps to fully set up your account. In step 2, you will find articles on how to set up your domain-based emails.

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