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What is a GoSite Direct Review?
What is a GoSite Direct Review?

What's the difference between a GoSite Review and a review from Google, Facebook, etc?

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Getting reviews from your customers is a sure way of boosting your online presence and generating more business for your company. GoSite's Reviews tool offers your clients two options for posting reviews: 1) Leave a review on a popular review platform such as Facebook or Google or 2) Leave a review directly on your website through GoSite Direct Reviews.

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What is GoSite Direct Review?

With GoSite's Reviews tool, you have an option to select "Direct Reviews Connected" in your Reviews settings. A Direct Review completed by a customer will show up in the GoSite Review Widget on your website. Direct Reviews will not show up in any other location or review platform. See below for an example of a GoSite review widget on a website.

Why use GoSite Direct Reviews? What's the benefit?

Please note that we do advise all business owners to focus their reviews on Third Party platforms to increase online visibility. Direct Reviews should only be used by those clients who don't have access to Third Party review platforms.

The "Direct Review" option, if checked and enabled, allows a customer to post a review directly on your website via the review widget. This option is mainly available for those clients who do not have a Google or Facebook account to sign in to and leave a review.

Which Third Party review platforms can I connect to my Reviews widget?

You can connect your Reviews widget to Facebook, Google, Houzz, Zillow, and more!

If I get a review from a client via Third Party platform (Facebook, Google, etc.) will it still show up on my website?

If you have the GoSite Review Widget on your site, then the answer is yes!

GoSite's Review Widget will pull all your reviews from Facebook and Google and display them on your website as long as your Google My Business (GMB) page and Facebook Business page are synced to the dashboard.

If you don't have a GoSite Review Widget on your website, then review requests sent via a Third Party platform will only be posted to that Third Party website. For example, if a client submits a request via Facebook and you don't have the GoSite Review Widget, that review will only be visible on Facebook.

How do I get a GoSite review widget on my website?

You can access the widget via the Widget tab in the Reviews tool, and this article will show you how to place the widget on your website.

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