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MULTI-LOCATION: How Do I Interpret My Insights?
MULTI-LOCATION: How Do I Interpret My Insights?

Google Insights is a key feature on the GoSite dashboard that displays how your business is being searched and found on Google.

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Access Google Insights via Placement's "Overview" tab in the Location Dashboard or the main GoSite dashboard. The Location Dashboard holds individual location Google Insights, while the main GoSite dashboard displays an overview of all locations' Google Insights.

The GoSite dashboard displays several key pieces of information of your online Google presence:

  • Searches for Your Business: How many people have found your business through direct search or discovery search (when someone types in a general category on Google and stumbles across your page.)

  • Views on Google: How many views you have acquired through maps and/or search.

  • Customer Actions: How many customers have visited your website and requested directions.

  • Phone Calls: How many calls you have received as a result of your Google My Business listing.

Use these metrics to track your online presence and see its improvement. The Google Insights feature helps you get a deeper look into your business’s strengths and weaknesses.

Note: The "Overview" tab in the main GoSite dashboard will show aggregated data for all locations.

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