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Getting Started with the GoSite Dashboard
Getting Started with the GoSite Dashboard

How to navigate your GoSite Dashboard

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The GoSite Dashboard is a central hub that gives you access to your full suite of GoSite tools. Sync your business information across various platforms, edit your website, request payments, post to social media, and communicate with your clients all directly from the GoSite Dashboard. Keep reading to learn more about the GoSite Dashboard and its features!

Welcome to Your GoSite Dashboard

The GoSite Dashboard puts all your GoSite tools in one place, including:

Contact Hub

The Contact Hub is your one-stop-shop for all customer interactions. Use this feature as a directory to organize your clients into groups, review transaction history, and communicate directly with your customers. Click here to learn more about the Contact Hub and its features!


Use the Payments feature to quickly send invoices, manage transactions, and receive payments directly from your website. Connect your Payments tool with QuickBooks to help you stay organized! Click here to learn how to get the most out of your Payments tool!


The Messenger tool connects with your website, phone number, and Contact Hub to make communicating with your clients fast and easy! Receive messages directly from the "Chat Now" button on your website, send SMS texts, and respond to customers on Google all through the Messenger tool on your GoSite Dashboard. Click here to learn more about the Messenger tool!


The Booking tool provides a hassle-free way for your clients to book your services. GoSite's instant online Booking feature syncs with your website, Google, Facebook, personal calendars, and more to help you stay organized! Customize your Booking tool in the GoSite Dashboard to determine which services may be booked, require deposits upon booking, and send automatic reminders! To learn how to do all this and more, click here!


Receiving reviews is one of the best ways to get your business noticed online. The Reviews tool allows you to seamlessly send review requests, manage reviews, and create customized response templates for positive and negative reviews! For everything you need to know about the Reviews tool, click here!


Use the Placement tool to instantly connect your Google my Business and Facebook Business pages! The Placement tool also allows you to directly post announcements to your social media platforms and create an FAQ section for your Google business page. Click here to learn more about the Placement tool!


The Sites tool syncs with all other GoSite tools to help you supercharge your business operations. Allow customers to request quotes, book your services, and even pay—all from a simple-to-use platform. Unlike other companies, GoSite allows direct access to the web editor tool! Use the Sites tool to make website edits and track performance data for your website. Click here to learn more!


The Engagement tool makes email marketing easy! Create engaging email templates to promote offers, advertise your services, and more. The GoSite Dashboard allows you to track email campaign performance, schedule emails to be automatically sent, and create email templates! Click here to learn more about how to use the Engagement tool to create successful email campaigns.

Need help logging in to your GoSite Dashboard? Click here!

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