If you would like to receive more review from certain providers over others, you can adjust the Weight of your Review Request Links. For example, if I send out a review request to 10 people but I set the weight of the Google page to 6 and the rest at 1, then out of the 10 emails sent, 6 people will see the larger Google logo.


  1. On your Dashboard, go to "Reviews."
  2. Click "Settings."
  3. Under "Review Custom Links" you can adjust "Weight."

4. Here you can modify the weight of each site from 1-10. By putting more weight on a page, it will display that page's logo much larger than the other pages to help influence their decision.


  1. Click the Menu button in the bottom right corner (three horizontal lines).
  2. Click "Manage Business."

3. Under "Product Settings" click "Reviews."

4. Here you can view a list of all your Review sites as well as the associated weight of each. Learn more about Adding Custom Review Links.

5. From this menu you can toggle which sites you want Reviews sent to.

6. Click the desired Site and it will pop up to “Edit weight”, change the weight and click "Ok."


  1. Click the Menu button in the top left corner (three horizontal lines).
  2. Click "Manage Business."
  3. From the "Product Settings" Menu, click "Reviews."

4. From the "My Review Sites" page you can view all your connected Review locations. Learn more about adding more Review links.

5. Each site is assigned a changeable weight. The weight determines the likelihood the Review Site will appear when you send a Referral Request.

6. Click the site and it will pop up to “Edit weight." Make your desired changes and click "Submit."

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