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Adding a Form to Your GoSite Website
Adding a Form to Your GoSite Website

Create a place on your website where clients can easily submit information directly to your email inbox.

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Forms are a great way for clients and website visitors to submit their information directly to you. Information gathered from Forms can then be sent to your preferred email. This article will teach you how to create and add a form directly to your GoSite website.

Before starting, log in to GoSite on a computer and open the website editor.

Note: The website editor is currently accessible through a desktop computer only. You cannot edit your website through the mobile app on iPhone, Android, or Tablets.

Table of Contents

Adding a Form in the website editor

  1. Hover your mouse over the section that you would like to add the form to and click on the pencil icon.

  2. Find the button "Form" under the "Widgets" section on the left-hand side.

  3. Drag the "Form" button into your website where you want it to be and drop it.

  4. Click on the Form Widget you just dropped and the “Custom Form” Setting will appear on the left portion of your screen.

  5. Click any of the tabs under Custom Form Settings to customize your form:

    1. Header: Change the title and description of the form.

    2. Form Content: Create custom fields for your customers to fill out. You can make responses required and change type of responses (input field, multiline text, dropdown) . Add multiple fields but pressing the "+" icon.

    3. Form Styling: Change the form colors, customize submit button label and button alignment.

    4. Form Settings: Change the email the responses will be sent to and to post a “Submit Message.”

  6. Once the form is completed, press "Save". A dropdown will appear at the top directly under "Custom Form Settings". If you have already created forms, the new form will be added to the drop down.

  7. Choose the custom form you just made from the dropbox, then click “Choose” and “Save.”

  8. Once you have chosen and saved your form, make sure to press "Save" and then "Publish" to push your changes live!

    Note: Forms will only be visible on live sites; forms will not show on demo sites.

Video Walkthrough

Below is a complete video walkthrough of the steps listed above on adding a custom form to the "About Us" section of this website.

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