How Messenger Works From Your Website

Learn about how clients can message you from your website and how to respond to them from the dashboard.

Clients Messaging You From Your Website

1. First navigate to the homepage of your website. Once there you will see a blue messenger icon in the bottom right of the page.


2. When you click on this icon, a small menu will appear. This is for your customers to input their name, email address, phone number, and whatever they want to message you about your business! The dashboard automatically captures the customer's information and adds it to Contacts.


Responding to Clients Through The Dashboard

1. Once a customer sends a chat through your website it will go straight to the dashboard. To view client messages, navigate to the dashboard and go to the “Messenger” section on the left-hand side.


2. From here you will see all the messages clients have sent you and you will be able to respond to them directly from the dashboard!

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If you'd like to see a video walk through of how to edit Messenger settings, click below!