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Stripe for GoSite FAQs
Stripe for GoSite FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions related to Stripe for GoSite

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Who is Stripe?

Stripe is a digital payment processing company that operates at a global scale.

How long will it take for me to be approved?

Stripe will alert you almost instantly if you have been approved or not to use their payment processor.

After approval, can I process payments immediately?

Yes, you will have immediate access to using the Payments tool.


What are the transaction rates for Stripe?

2.9% + .30 cents

How and when are the credit card processing fees taken out?

When the funds are deposited into your account, they will be deposited with the fees already deducted from the total amount.

What is the maximum time it would take for a Stripe transaction to be deposited into my account?

It is a 2-day rolling deposit. So transactions typically from Monday will get paid out on Thursday or sooner (and then the time to hit the bank account via ACH which can take a couple of days). This is industry standard with any other payment processor.

NOTE: First payout has a 7 day waiting period. This delay is from Stripe and cannot be waived by Stripe. More details on waiting period are here.

How do I change my bank account?

You can log in directly to your Stripe account ( that you created upon sign up and update the bank account information through there.

How do I use the Payments tool?

Please access our full collection of help articles for the Payments tool by clicking here.


If I cancel with GoSite, can I keep my Stripe account?

Yes, you can keep your account with Stripe. You would continue to use the logins that you made when you first applied for Payments with Stripe.

If I cancel with GoSite, will I still be able to send invoices?

No, you will continue to have access to your Stripe account, but will not have access to the Payments tool. This means not being able to send payment links and invoices. Your Stripe will be active but not connected to GoSite in any way.

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