Not everyone checks their email throughout the day. So, it might be more helpful to send an SMS reminder to your customer to alert them of their upcoming appointment.

How to Send an SMS Reminder

To send an SMS reminder, the customer must first opt-in for SMS reminders. If you are entering a manual booking on behalf of your client, make sure you check the box next to "Send me the reminders via SMS."

When entering a new booking, you can adjust "Customer Reminders" under the "Appointment" section of the booking form. Click the blue circle icon to add a reminder in addition to your default reminder. You can remove a reminder by clicking the red trash can icon.

If you want to add an SMS reminder to an existing booking, simply click on the booking and locate the pencil icon under the Services section to edit.

How to Adjust Default Reminders

  1. Go to your Booking Settings

  2. Scroll down until you see Default Reminder Time. Here you can add or remove reminder times.

  3. Once added, you will see an alert in the bottom left corner confirming that your default reminders have been updated!

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