By adding store and branch managers to a dashboard, they can send review requests to customers, messages, and respond to them from the desktop or GoSite mobile app.

Team members can be added as either a location manager to a location dashboard or as an admin to the Partner Portal.


1. From your Partner Portal, login to a Location Dashboard.

2. Click on the Profile icon in the upper right corner. From the drop-down menu click “Manage My Business” icon.

3. From the "Business Settings" menu click on the “Team” tab.

4. Click on the blue “Add New User” button to add new users.

5. On the form, fill in the required information and click “Create User” button.

6. Select the product permissions by clicking on the “+” in its corresponding product and click the “Update User Info” button.

7. Type in your desired welcome message and click “Send” to proceed.

Note: The manager will receive a time sensitive link they will need to use to set a password and finalize their account. Once this is done they will be able to access the dashboard and their tool(s).

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