The Partner Portal is GoSite's central hub that holds all location dashboards. It is only available for clients with 2 or more businesses or locations.

Everything You Need in One Place

Manage brand communications and business information across the digital landscape. Instantly access all dashboards and metrics across all locations in the Partner Portal.


The Leaderboard shows how each of your business locations rank against each other in terms of online presence. In one glance, you can see which location has the most reviews, highest rating, highest search volume, and which has the lowest. It is a good indicator to see how each location can improve and continue to grow.

Location Dashboards

Each location will have its own dashboard that lives within the Partner Portal. This is where you can access all 70+ directories for each location. You can send review requests, monitor and respond to reviews, and manage messages from the location dashboards.

Bulk Update

The Partner Portal gives you the ability to update business information, whether it's new hours or photos, across all locations in one update through the Bulk Update feature. You can update all locations at once or just a select few.


GoSite empowers you to create a connected platform among all of your employees across all locations. By adding store and/or branch managers to the dashboard, they can send review request to customers, send messages, and respond to them from the desktop or GoSite mobile app.

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