The Messenger Tool is the gateway from your GoSite Dashboard to your clients and website visitors. It allows customers and visitors to quickly reach out to your business. When they leave you a message, you can set up an auto-response message to let them know when/how you'll be responding to them.

1. Login to your GoSite Dashboard.

2. Click on your Profile icon in the upper right corner of your screen and from the drop-down menu click “Manage My Business.”

3. Click on the “Messenger” tab under “Product Settings.”

4. At the bottom of the screen you'll see "Chat auto-responder.”

5. Make sure the “Chat Auto Responder” is checked. Note: This is highly recommended to give your clients immediate feedback and promote a strong website experience.

6. Edit your desired auto-responses for the “Welcome Message”, “Online Message” and “Offline Message” boxes.

7. Click any of the tabs on the left to save your changes.

Auto responders can be a great way to convert website traffic and get in touch quickly and effectively with potential and existing clients!

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