It probably seems like copying and pasting reviews from one site to another would be a good idea for your business. The more places you have reviews the better, right? Not quite. There are a couple of reasons why this is not a great idea and could be slightly damaging to your online presence. We will go over exactly how these issues can affect your ability to rank online and cause problems with content creation.

Duplicate Content

Having as many reviews as possible on as many third-party sites as possible is an excellent way to increase your online presence and establish credibility with your potential customers. However, pasting the same reviews from one site to another is simply creating duplicate content. The objective is not to have as much content as possible online but to have honest and authentic content. Google scans for identical content and can filter it as bot activity rather than genuine which can her your rankings.

Google Best Practices Advises Against It

In Google’s eyes, duplicate content like these pasted reviews will be seen as old and unoriginal. Google advises using unique and new content because that is what their engine will respond to the most positively. Essentially, having duplicate content will cause you to rank lower on Google.


The whole point of gaining reviews is to help your business rank better on search engines. To make your business rank the way you’d like, it is best to cut out duplicate reviews so that Google will not flag your content as unoriginal or bot generated.

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