Forms are a great way for clients and website visitors to submit their information. Whether it's booking appointments, getting a quote, or talking to a team member, forms are an essential part of any successful website. Information gathered from Forms can then be sent to your preferred email.

1. To add a form to a specific section of your website, click on the “Edit” button (middle button). The widget options should appear on the left.

2. Find the “Form” Widget. Drag and drop it to where you’d like it to appear on your site.

3. Click on the Form Widget and the “Custom Form” Setting will appear on the left portion of your screen.

4. Now you’re in the form creator! Here, you will be able to change the title of your form, add a description, and create different types of questions.

5. To change the title of your form, hover over the “Header” Option, type your preferred Form Title and Form Description.

6. Click “Preview” to check the changes you’ve made and click “Save.”

7. To create different types of fields, hover over the Form Content Option, type your preferred “Field Label.”

8. If you choose “Input Field,” your clients will be able to type their own short response. “Multiline Text” will allow them to type a longer response. “Dropdown” will create a multiple-choice form for your clients.

9. Turn on “Required” if you want to make sure your client fills in that field before submitting it.

10. Click on the “+” icon to add more fields on your form.

11. Click “Preview” to check the changes you’ve made and click “Save”.

12. To customize the form further, hover over the “Form Styling” option to change the colors as desired, submit button label and button alignment.

13. Hover over the “Form Settings” option to change the email the responses will be sent to and to post a “Submit Message.”

14. Once you’re satisfied, click on the “Preview” button, then “Save”.

15. Choose the custom form you just made from the dropbox, then click “Choose” and “Save”

16. Click the “Preview” button to check the changes you’ve made on the website.

17. Click the “Close” button on the upper right-hand corner once done with the preview.

18. Remember to “Save” your work so you don’t lose your progress.

19. Then “Publish” to make sure that your edits will be applied to your live site.

Perfect! Now your clients will be able to easily submit information through your custom form!

Note: Forms will not appear until your website is live. Forms will not show on demo sites.

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