It should come as no surprise that the Internet has dramatically altered the ways through which a business can grow. The more saturated your particular market is, the more you need to maintain the online presence of your business. Even if you have a very niche market, you still need to make your business easy to find online.

The world has questions and Google is where we answer those questions. Can't decide which restaurant to go to? Which landscaper? Which dentist? Google has the answers.

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GMB in a Nutshell

As the pictures above show, Google My Business is what allows you to even have a chance of showing up in someone's local Google search. There are many factors involved in one’s Google ranking including proximity, rating, activity, etc.

Do You Already Have a GMB Page?

Have you had someone perform online marketing for your business at some point in the past? If so, it's possible that they already created a GMB page for your business. You'll know that this is the case if you search for your business on Google and a little side page shows up (see below).

If a GMB page doesn't show up, try adding more specific information like "GoSite San Diego, CA." If nothing shows up again, then you probably don't have an active GMB page.

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Learn more about creating a Google My Business page.

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