Everything you've been wanting to know about GoSite's Payments® tool.


When you choose GoSite’s Payments® tool for all of your business’s payment processing needs, you will enjoy a variety of benefits. These include:

  • Exclusive complimentary access to monthly, industry-competitive upgrades!
  • GoSite support Mon-Fri 8am-5pm PST
  • After-hours and weekend support [email protected] (877) 828-0720
  • Quick application process—it takes just 10 minutes to fill it out and you’ll hear back within a few days!
  • An individual call with GoSite’s Product Specialist, where you will receive a walk-through of your GoSite app and answers to any questions you have. You’ll be processing transactions, sending review requests, and growing your list of contacts in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the application?

- only 10 minutes!

What do I need to fill out the application?

-For the information you will need your business information (tax paperwork and EIN), business owner information (social security number, and date of birth), and your preferred bank information (bank account number and routing number or online banking system logins)

How long will it take to be approved and to start making transactions?

- After you submit your application, you will be notified whether you’ve been approved in 48-72 business hours. So, the sooner you fill out your application, the sooner you’ll be able to start taking advantage of the benefits of Payments®! Once you’ve been approved, you will be able to start processing payments and making transactions.

What GoSite tools does Payments integrate with?

- Our payments tool integrates with the review pro and booking tool, contact hub and messenger

-See how Payments integrates with GoSite's tools.

How do I get Payments® on my website if I’m not getting a GoSite website?

- We can create a secure link for your customers to pay you through your website.

When will I get my transactions credited to my bank account?

- Your transactions will appear on your account within 24 hrs of the purchase being approved.

What fees am I paying for?

- By being one of the FIRST to enjoy this complimentary tool, you will enjoy all of its functionalities, even the new ones that are added as we expand! We have waived all costs for our merchant services except for the usual industry standards. GoSite has also made sure to keep market-competitive with both transaction fees and processing fees. We have a flat rate of 2.9% + $.30 transaction fee

What external vendor are accepted by Payments?

- Google Pay & Apple Pay

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