The easiest and fastest solution to have your domain transferred is to ask your domain provider for an authorization code - also called an EPP transfer code. Once we receive the code it will take approximately 7 days for your domain to transfer over.

If you already know your domain provider (previous website company), you can skip to Step 3!

  1. If you don't already know your domain provider, you can find your current domain provider by going to Copy and paste your domain name into the search field and press the Search button (magnifying glass icon).

Important note: this search will not work if "www" is in front of your domain name. When searching make sure the format is just ""

2. The Registrar Info is located at the top. Next to "Name" you'll see name of your domain provider.

3. In order to successfully transfer your existing domain we will need to have an authorization code (also called an EPP code) from your current domain provider (found in step 2) to initiate the domain transfer. Once we have the domain code, we can continue the process of pushing your website live on your existing domain. Please send the following email (marked in bold) to your current domain provider:

Hi there,

I would like a domain transfer authorization code to transfer my domain, {INSERT YOUR DOMAIN HERE}, from your company to my current one. Thank you.

Thank you,

4. Once you have the domain transfer authorization code (EPP code), please email it to [email protected]. Note: There is often a $20 transfer fee your domain provider may charge you for access to your domain.

Need help?

Don't hesitate to reach out to us [email protected] if you have any questions or issues regarding domain transfers.

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