Within the Manage My Business settings, you can also manage your product settings for each tool.

Here is the list of products that you can adjust their settings within this section:






Reviews Product Settings

The Reviews Product Settings are the exact same settings within the Review tool

You can modify your custom links, the review widget settings, review email template, review email header, and the SMS settings of the review request.

Learn more about Reviews

Messenger Product Settings

The Messenger is a chat feature on your website that anyone can instantly message you from! It is a great way to stay in contact with potential customers as well as existing. Here is the article on how to use your Messenger tool once you have your settings adjusted to how you would like them!

The first setting is the chat widget that is embed onto your website.

Our web designers will already embed this in your site for you so you don't have to worry about copying it!

The Announcement is where you can modify what your widget says before a customer clicks it. Examples of common announcements are "Book an appointment to receive $50 off your next service call!" or "Chat with us now!"

You can also change the chat widget color to fit best with the color scheme of your website.

The Chat Icon Position is how you can adjust where the chat widget is on your site. It typically will be in the bottom right corner, but you can modify where it goes.

The chat auto responder is checked on so that your customers will automatically get a message which you can modify what they say.

Booking Product Settings

You can connect your Google calendar so that any booked appointments in your GoSite dashboard will appear on those calendars as well.

You can customize the confirmation email that gets sent out to your customer once they book an appointment.

The default appointment filter will be the filter that will always show in your booking tool which you can switch to show All bookings, Upcoming bookings, Past booking and Cancelled bookings.

The last setting is to modify the booking widget on your website. Our web designers will create this widget to fit your website best, but if you wish to change the color, text, width and height, feel free to do so here.

Payments Product Settings

Within this section, you can connect your Quickbooks to your Payments tool.

You can also click to enable your customers to leave you a tip or for a feedback survey to automatically be sent out.

The last setting is to modify the payment widget that is on your website. Our Payments team will modify this for you to best fit your site, but you can modify the button text, color, width and height if you wish!

Contacts Product Settings

The Contacts settings allows you to choose which tool interaction will store that customers contact information in the Contact Hub.

The Domain Name is where you can auto group any email addresses that have a @gmail.com for example as their domain name.

You can also block Contacts in the settings as well so they cannot message you, book an appointment, etc.

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