If you would like to send Review Requests for platforms other than Google, Facebook, or Yelp, Custom Links allow you to send Review Requests for any URL!

  1. From your GoSite Dashboard go to "Reviews."
  2. Click "Settings."

3. The top setting is "Review Custom Links" where you are able to add links to review sites where you want your customers to leave reviews. To do this, click "Add More"

4. Scroll down and click "Add More" a menu drops down to choose which site you want to connect for reviews. To choose sites, click on the "Choose a Site" and paste your custom URL into the field directly next to "Choose a Site"

5. If the site you'd like to choose to connect is not one of the choices, choose "Other" from the drop-down menu. Once choosing "Other", you will be prompted to enter the site name, the URL and upload an icon if you'd like.

Learn more about adjusting the Weight of Review Request Links.

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