While editing your Site some paragraphs or chunks of text may look better in bulleted or numbered list form. An example of this could be:

1. From the GoSite Builder select the Text Box that you’d like to edit.

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 12.13.57 PM

2. Click on either the Numbered List or Bulleted List icons to turn it into the desired type of list. You can either highlight a section of text to make the change, or start typing your message with the List feature turned on.

4. To add a new List Item, click on the end of the last item of the list and then press “Enter” to create a new bullet or number. You can now enter another line of text. From this:

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 12.17.37 PM

To this:

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 12.17.51 PM

Note: If you would like to turn a bulleted list into a numbered list (or vice versa), highlight the text you'd like to change and click the desired icon and the change will be made automatically!

6. Once done, click “Save” in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

7. After saving, click “Publish” to push your changes live to your Site.

8. A window will appear confirming your site has been published!

Too busy to edit? We’re here to help!

Just visit us at gosite.com to chat, or reach out to us via email at [email protected], and we’ll be more than happy to do your edits for you!

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