Within your GoSite Dashboard you can respond to any Google or Facebook reviews and your responses will automatically sync to those platforms! Responding to your clients' reviews is one way to increase your online rankings. Responding to reviews can help move up your ranking in Google Maps searches and improve the quality of your Facebook page.

Responding to reviews shows Google and Facebook that you are both active on their platforms and that you provide a quality experience for Google and Facebook's users, both of which will help your ranking tremendously.


  1. Login to your GoSite Dashboard and click on “Reviews” located on the left sidebar.
  2. Then click on the "All Reviews" tab.

3. From this screen, click on the review that you want to respond to and click the arrow button.

4. A pop-up for the “Review Details” will appear. There will be a text box that says “Your Message.” Write your response here.

5. Once you have completed your response, click on “Reply.”


  1. Click the Menu button in the bottom right corner (three horizontal lines).
  2. Click "Reviews."

3. Click "Overview" and a "Reviews" menu will appear.

4. Select "All Reviews."

5. To respond to a Review click the Reply button next to the desired review.

6. Type out your response and click the paper plane to send it.


  1. Click the Menu button in the top left corner (three horizontal lines).
  2. Click "Reviews."
  3. From the menu bar click "All Reviews."

4. You can tap the Reply button (left arrow icon) to begin typing your reply.

5. Once you are ready, click the Send button (paper plane) to send your reply.

Now, you will be able to improve your rankings, increase your search results, and attract more customers.

Additionally, responding to reviews is a great way to show your customers (and Google/Facebook) that you truly care! GoSite makes it easy to do so from the Dashboard, so you'll always be up to date when it comes to your Google and Facebook Reviews.

Learn more about How to Send Reviews Requests here.

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