It is highly recommended to schedule out your email review requests over a longer time span. The reason behind this has to do with Google, Facebook, and other review site's spam detection software. Each of these review platforms tracks how many reviews you get every month. Sudden spikes can lead to flagging of your account and even removal of legitimate reviews!

To be sure this doesn't happen to you we recommend spreading out your review campaigns as long as possible. The larger your mass email review request the longer the timespan you want to have. A good rule of thumb is to ramp up slowly. If you're new to sending out review requests we recommend averaging about 1 request per day.

  1. From your Dashboard click "Reviews"
  2. Click "Settings"

3. Scroll down until you find "Mail Scheduled Interval."

4. Insert the amount of days for your scheduled review requests to go out

5. Click "Home" to save your changes

Learn more about How to Send Mass Review Requests.

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