Photos are a great way to showcase your services and improve the quality of your website. This article goes over how to add and rearrange photos in the "Gallery" section of your Site. A video demonstrating the full process of editing and rearranging your "Gallery" can be found at the bottom of this article.

1. Login to your GoSite Dashboard and click on “Sites” located on the left sidebar.

2. Scroll down and hover over the website thumbnail and click “Edit”.

3. In the GoSite builder, hover over the section with the picture gallery and click on the "pencil" icon.

4. Next, click on the “gear” icon at the upper left corner of the gallery.

5. If you wish to add more photos, click ”+ ADD IMAGES”.

6. Drag and Drop the images that you wish to add here or click on the “Upload Image” button.

7. Select the images you have uploaded and click “Continue”.

8. Click on the “GoSite Tab” if you want to select more photos from the GoSite Shutterstock Images.

9. Type the keyword on the search bar provided and hit “Enter” on your keyboard to search.

10. Select the images you have uploaded and click “Continue”.

11. To change the order of the images, click on “Edit Gallery” on the left-hand portion.

12. Drag the images around to rearrange the order of the gallery. Click “Continue” once you’re done!

13. If you want to add an “Image Caption” on each picture, hover over the gallery section and click “Edit”.

14. Click on the photo and the “Image Settings” will appear on the left portion of your screen.

15. Type the caption in the provided “Image Caption” box. The text will then show once you hover over the image.

16. To save all your changes, click “Save” on the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

17. After saving, click “Publish” so that your edits can be seen on your live site.

18. A window will appear confirming your site has been published!

The edits you have made will now appear on your live Site!

Too busy to edit? We’re here to help!

Just visit us at to chat, or reach out to us via email at [email protected], and we’ll be more than happy to do your edits for you!

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