Note: In order to send out a mass email review request, you have to put the desired recipients into one group.

Navigate to the Contact Hub and select the tab “Groups.”

Creating a Group:

Click “Add Group” on the top left corner. Give your group a name to identify them.

Managing a Group: Adding Contacts

Once the group is created you will add contacts into the group by clicking “Manage” and then “Add Contacts.”

Now, check the box next to each contact you wish to add to the group.

Sending Review Requests to a Group:

Next, navigate to the Reviews tab to send the review request.

  1. To send email review requests to the group, type in the group name and it will select all contacts within that group.
  2. Click “Send Review Request” and it will send the request to every contact in that group.

We HIGHLY recommend sending out your review requests over time rather than all at once. Learn more about How to Schedule Mass Review Requests.

P.S. - You cannot mass send emails from the mobile app.

You can also learn how to Remove Contacts from a Group?

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